A New Group of Missionaries Arrive!

We welcomed several new missionaries to the OEM in October:
12 Elders, 4 Sisters and 3 Couples. Some arrived on Tuesday the 18th and some were earlier arrivals. However, all have now been assigned to their various companions and areas and are already hard at work.


Elder Scott Asay, Elder Nathan Berg, Elder Bryan Burton,
Elder Nathaniel Cole, Elder Marshall Erickson, Elder Forrest Gowan,
Elder Benjamin Hales, Elder Nicholas Henrie, Elder Joel Johnson,
Elder Joseph McIntire, Elder Jordan McMaster, Elder Anthony Mitchell,
Elder Thomas Newell, Elder Jared Reed, Elder Bractn Williams.
Sister Alexandra Cluff, Sister Heather White   
Elder & Sister Charles and Dianne Friden     

Elder and Sister James and Patricia Wels         
Elder and Sister Richard and Connie Creamer                     

Sister Ainsley Despain from Temple Square            
Sister Tiffany Christensen from Nauvoo Visitors' Center
Sisters called to serve in the church's visitor center missions are given the opportunity to spend some time in a proselyting mission. We are thrilled to have them.

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